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Digital Transformation and Beyond

Discover limitless potential with our expertise in creating and managing scalable federated data meshes.


Unlock value, accelerate data processing, and ensure trust, quality, and compliance. Experience seamless transitions and transformations for databases, AI/ML reporting, data pipelines, and application code, as we elevate your systems from legacy to state-of-the-art cloud solutions. Elevate your sales and marketing efforts with our cutting-edge capabilities.

Gen AI-Driven Business Outcomes

Embrace the Power of Gen AI for Tangible Business Outcomes: Experience results fueled by the synergy of people, governance, and technology. Our suite of AI products, crafted from the ground up, empowers enterprises to innovate and unlock substantial business value on a grand scale. Harness our co-innovation platform, leverage prebuilt starter kits, and transform experiences and processes while safeguarding the integrity of your enterprise data.

Data Platform Modernization and Transformation

Elevate Data Platforms for Maximum Value: We specialize in establishing and managing scalable federated data meshes, unleashing value, boosting data processing, and ensuring trust, quality, and compliance. Our expertise extends to transitioning and transforming databases, AI/ML reporting, data pipelines, and application code, transitioning them from legacy to state-of-the-art, limitless cloud solutions.

Comprehensive Services and Proven Accelerators for Crafting Modern Data Products & AI Applications 

Harness our specialized services that span from strategy,  architecture, design, intricate engineering, to seamless operations management of your advanced data products and AI applications.

Cloud Migration and Modernization

We know that cloud migrations and modernizations can't be approached with a single solution for all. Our business-driven, application-led approach helps determine the optimal option by assessing the business value and technical complexity across the modernization paths.

With a track record of successful migrations and modernizations involving the biggest and mission critical data applications, our frameworks and automation toolkits,  we empower you to efficiently speed up your migration and modernization efforts.

Modern Data Platform

Business today require accessible, usable, and trusted data. Breaking down data silos and providing integrated data products seamlessly empowers business to make informed decisions and drive innovation.

Our unparalleled expertise and depth in data and platform engineering enables you to build the most nimble, scalable and reliable data products and modern data platform, empowering business users to make data driven decisions, transparent and explainable AI/ML applications, leverage automation and reduce the time to market for new data projects.

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Elastic Ops

Elastic Operations, a specialized managed service team by nüscale, is dedicated to running and automating your Platform , Data, AI, and LLM applications. Our service ensures expertise in data stack best practices, automation, security, governance, and workload optimization.

With our Elastic Ops, your teams drive innovation and value generation while we manage ongoing operational aspects such as monitoring, data reliability, security, upgrades, and maintenance of your platform & LLM applications .

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Unlock the full potential of your data and AI platform with our cutting-edge FinOps services. Our expert team specializes not only in transforming data and AI platforms to be more reliable and elastic, but also in optimizing costs, streamlining and simplifying operations, ensuring that your data and AI platform has the maximum ROI. With our tailored FinOps approach, you can confidently drive innovation, make informed decisions, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of data and AI. Elevate your platform's financial efficiency and unleash a new era of growth with our dedicated FinOps services.

Gen AI and Advanced Data Analytics

Unleash your business's full potential through our transformative LLM-based generative AI services. Whether you seek streamlined operations, elevated customer experiences, or innovative breakthroughs, our ready-to-use GenAI products and starter kits provide the cutting-edge advantage your business merits. Collaborate with us to open up a realm of uncharted opportunities.

With an expert command over data infrastructure, seamless integration, and a mastery of AI and Gen AI model selection and refinement, we ensure that each stride you take is a stride toward success. Our method upholds the highest standards of data security and privacy, enabling you to confidently embrace a shift that drives transformation.


What Sets Us Apart

Embark on a transformative journey with nüscale, where our track record of excellence speaks for itself. Our commitment to innovation has propelled businesses to remarkable success, fortified by cutting-edge AI solutions that revolutionize industries.

Distinguishing ourselves through an unparalleled fusion of expertise, agility, and a forward-looking mindset, we redefine enterprise transformation with data and AI.


Our dynamic team sets the pace in the ever-evolving landscape, seamlessly integrating groundbreaking technologies and tailored strategies to empower your business.


Choose nüscale as your trailblazing partner in the realm of Data and AI driven transformation.

Elevate Your Journey with nüscale

Discover how nüscale can empower your organization to overcome

even the most intricate data and AI challenges.

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