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nuscale ai powered products

Empower Your Enterprise with
AI-Driven Products

We merge the prowess of artificial intelligence (AI), Data , Cloud with profound industry expertise, forging revolutionary pathways for Enterprises, Government and public services . Our vertically tailored products harness the real power of generative AI propelling operational efficiency and  enhancing user experiences like never before.


Digital Assistants confined to your Secured Environment

Our Suite of AI-Enabled Digital Assistants and Co-Pilots Designed to Empower Frontline Operations and Optimize Back Office Efficiency. From call center agents to health companions, nüAssist offers a diverse range of AI-powered solutions. It excels in identity resolution and enrichment, facilitating augmented decision-making and personalized interactions. Additionally, nüAssist provides the capability of self-service analytics, ensuring seamless empowerment across various operational fronts.


AI powered Behavioral assessment for mental wellbeing

Your AI-Powered Digital Assistant for Self-Reporting and Conversational Support, Focused on Mental Wellbeing. With its advanced capabilities, nüMind efficiently captures self-reported data and engages in meaningful conversations to offer timely mental health support. This versatile tool excels at triaging mental conditions, offering seamless integration with various assessment questionnaires like PROMIS, PTSD-DSM V-PCL5. It can even autonomously complete questionnaires and integrate seamlessly with provider command centers and help lines for comprehensive assistance.


AI powered Patient Triage and Prioritization

The AI-Powered Solution for Appointment Prioritization and Patient Triage. Backed by extensive training on millions of anonymized patient records, nüTriage stands as a versatile system, ready to operate independently or seamlessly integrate with Electronic Health Records (EHR). Offering 235 highly configurable triage protocols, nüTriage seamlessly merges the strengths of LLM and Private Data to provide unmatched efficiency and accuracy.


AI powered Compliance and Billing Integrity for health care

Our AI-Enabled Solution that Harnesses the Power of Machine Learning to Combat Healthcare Fraud and Ensure Accurate Medical Billing Practices. With a sophisticated ensemble of machine learning models, nüShield is your safeguard against fraudulent activities. It excels in detecting robust fraud patterns, identifying DRG creep instances, uncovering phantom billing practices, and offering comprehensive audit and compliance features to maintain integrity across the board.

Elevating Businesses
Charting a Path to New Heights with nüscale

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