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unprcedented scalability


Driving Digital Transformation with the Power of Data and Gen AI

Unleash Your Business Potential with Scalable Solutions

Accelerated Digital Transformation

Seamlessly adopt new technologies, optimize processes, and outpace competitors with nüscale's expertise and cutting-edge solutions.

Innovation and Competitive Edge

Leverage generative AI, modern data platforms, and emerging technologies for AI-driven insights and differentiation.

Foster Partnerships & New Revenue Streams

Accelerate R&D, cross-functional collaboration, and create new offerings leveraging partner ecosystems

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Transform operations with nüscale's Gen AI products and solutions to automate tasks, reduce costs, and enhance productivity.

Data-Driven Excellence

Maximize potential from your data through nüscale's product driven approach and advanced analytics expertise.

ESG & Sustainability

We provide technology solutions that help you create sustainable value and drive inclusive growth.

Your Data & AI Ecosystem with

🌐 Modern Data Platform

Experience agile decision-making as nüscale empowers your organization with well governed cross-domain data products on a scalable and secure data platform.

🤖 ML and Data Ops

Ensure optimal performance and effectiveness of your Data Science Platform and Machine Learning models with nüscale's seamless AI and ML Ops support.

✨ Generative Ai

Activate novel experiences with nüscale's expertise in prompt engineering and Language Model (LLM) integration and Operations

☁️ Cloud FinOps

Boost operational efficiency by enhancing cloud capabilities while minimizing costs through nüscale's Cloud FinOps solutions.

nuscale industry veterans

Fortune 500 Scale,
Start-up Innovation

Founded by industry veterans with a proven track record of driving success for the world's largest companies, our founders have built and exited two Data & AI startups, Xtremeinsights to Intel and Kogentix to Accenture. Drawing on their extensive experience of creating machine learning platforms in a startup to originating Data Led Transformation initiatives for the world’s top brands, they bring invaluable insights to nüscale’s customers.


Our team comprises of seasoned professionals who possess deep expertise in modern technologies and data-driven strategies, empowering your organization's transformative journey. We take immense pride in our reliability and dedication to delivering on our promises, ensuring a seamless and successful digital transformation journey.

Discover the nüscale

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